Many Great Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing

Boost sales & retain more customers

Stay with your customers after the purchase with smart mobile messaging to keep them coming back for repeat business.

Communicate more efficiently

Send & receive mobile text to communicate with a 99%+ open-rate (message opened by recipient), reaching customers directly, even while on the go.

Operate more efficiently

Use automated, direct, personalized mobile communications to automatically interact with customers and guide them towards your objectives.

Get marketing experts on your team

Get assisted set-up and strategy support from mobile experts that need you to succeed, so that we can succeed. We'll work with you at any level of expertise.

Why Us vs. The Competition

Reasons to use us: Us Them
No contracts, month-to-month. (Beware of long commitments)
Simple spreadsheet management, yet powerful. (Beware of overly-complex systems)
One credit per text, regardless of SMS or MMS. (Beware of those who charge 2+ credits for MMS)
No charge for inbound messages. (Beware of those who charge you per received text)
Unshared, callable texting local phone number. (Beware of shared shortcodes & phone numbers)
Unshared, unrestricted keywords. (Beware of shared keywords, leaving few options available)
Hands-free, automated messaging. (Beware of having to send every message manually)
Plans include strategy consultation. (Beware of unassisted or additional charge for strategy)
Free assisted set-up.(Beware of unassisted or charged set up)

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Try it for a month and love it, or leave it. All our plans are month-to-month, no contracts, no commitments. Now is a great time to start boosting business. Sign up in minutes and start mobile marketing today! Our staff is here to support you.

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