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2015 SMS Marketing Statistics and Trends

​SMS (Short Message Service) marketing has become an increasingly popular and powerful marketing tool since the rise of popularity of cell phones starting in the early 2000s. With smartphones further increasing the amount of time consumers spend on their phones, making customers even more easily reached via text messages, SMS marketing can become an extremely efficient and vital part of an effective marketing campaign.

Numbers back up this assertion: There are over 6 billion mobile subscribers globally with approximately 389 billion text messages sent worldwide each month. In the United States, wireless penetration exceeds 104%. Approximately 39% of US households are classified as "wireless only," and 26.2% of US homes use only mobile phones and have no landline, adding up to nearly 40% of American adults and 45% of American children living in wireless-only households.

95-98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt, making SMS marketing one of the fastest and most convertible forms of advertising. 86% of consumers send or receive a text message every week and 30% of consumers interact with a brand via text message.

In addition to phasing out wired home connections, smartphones have also begun to overtake home computers in popularity. The number of global users of smartphones surpassed the number of global users of desktops in 2014, and the gap has continued to widen since then. In 2015 mobile digital media time is also considerably higher than time spent on desktops or laptops with 51% of adults' time with digital media taking place on a smartphone versus 42% being spent on a desktop/laptop.


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