About MobileMarketing.com

We aim to support small businesses around the world with mobile marketing success through cutting-edge Software as a Service, along with hands-on support. It's a fast paced marketing and technology world out there, and we're very passionate about keeping up with the latest and greatest to pass it on to our users through our product and support.

MobileMarketing.com was born in 2015 out of the growing need of marketers of all types to follow their mobile audience. Today, customers and media have mobilized and are on the go with connected devices, so let there be mobile marketing!

Earth is moving towards mobile connectivity. Every day more people are connected and able to receive marketing messages on their mobile devices, with the highest and fastest open rate among commonly used methods of communication.

Our Driving Forces

Our vision is to become the most widely-used solution for small business mobile marketing success.

Our mission is to maintain expertise in cutting-edge, result-driven mobile marketing strategies and pass that value to our users through our product and support.

We promise to provide you with valuable products and support to help your business be successful with mobile marketing.

Our Core Values

  • Passionate – We’re very passionate about what we do. We know we're only successful if our users are, and we're very passionate to make that happen.
  • Results Focused – There’s no meaning behind what we don if our users have no results to show for it. We aim to only provide you with results-driven, field-tested marketing technology that works.
  • User Friendly – We work hard to help you focus on driving results, and not figuring out how to navigating the resources required to get there.
  • Highly Knowledgeable – Knowledge is the driving force behind the value we provide. Keeping up with today’s fast paced mobile marketing strategy and technology a rigorous job we hold ourselves accountable for.
  • Supportive – We aim to help our users be successful from start to finish by assisting with strategy, set-up, execution and growth.

Our CEO and Co-Founder

MobileMarketing.com is led by Cesar Diaz, a self-funded online marketing visionary who's developed some of the largest lead generation websites driven by organic & paid search, since acquired by private and public companies. Cesar's passion for internet marketing started in the ".com" era of the early 2000's, surviving through the bust and continuing today through the evolution of mobile, leading to the development of MobileMarketing.com.

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