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What is "mMarketing"?

The "m" stands for "mobile" and is used to describe marketing campaigns targeted to mobile devices, primarily smartphones, among others.

Why focus on mobile?

- More than 50% of internet usage comes from mobile devices.

- The average person spends 2.8 hours per day on mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing by Topic

If your mobile marketing focus is on a specific topic, select your area-of-interest below to see educational content, DIY tools, and professional services that revolve around your chosen topic.

Mobile Marketing Education With Your Method of Preference

Select the method of learning that best fits your budget, skill level and availability. Choose from online based learning resources such as our video courses and content library, or learn in person by taking the live training courses and earning a certificate, reading at your own pace, or even get serious about your career by attending college programs and earning a bachelors degree in mobile marketing.


Content Library

Visit the mobile marketing library to learn by reading detailed wiki-style content on a variety of in-depth topics and sub topics.


Certification Courses

Earn an accredited certification in mobile marketing by attending an online or in-person course pre-scheduled near you or on demand, taught by recognized industry experts.


Books & Audiobooks

Choose from our hand-selected books and audiobooks containing extensive and specialized knowledge on various niche mobile marketing subjects.


Degree Schools

Start a career in the field of mobile marketing by earning a college degree from an accredited school, ranging in majors from product and technology design and development to mobile marketing and advertising.

Do It Yourself With Customized Mobile Marketing Tools and Resources

We've reviewed and gathered an array of tools and resources for the "Do It Yourself" mobile marketer. Whether you're an individual, small business, enterprise or an agency, let us set you up with the right development kit to get the job done right yourself. It's free to use!

Simply choose from these objectives and filter down options based on your specific needs for customized results.

Create strategy

Create a Mobile Strategy

Create your own customized mobile strategy tailored to your specific objective and budget.

Create ads

Create Mobile Ads

Design and create your own customized mobile ads for dynamic and interactive cross platform campaigns.

Publish ads

Publish Mobile Ads

Create and launch your own mobile ad campaigns by publishing your ads on large audience platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Create website

Create a Mobile Website

Create your own responsive or adaptive mobile website with tools matched to your technical skill level.

Build apps

Build an App

Create your own smartphone apps with drag and drop tools for beginners or development platforms for advanced users.

Track performance

Track Performance

Implement your own easy-to-setup mobile analytics for websites and apps to track and improve performance.

Get Help from Mobile Marketing Experts Matched to Your Needs

Let us match you with our hand-picked list of expert service providers based on your specific needs, objective and budget. Simply select an area of expertise from the options below and filter down to select suitable experts providing service in your area of needed help. This service is free to you and there are no obligations to hire any professionals. Consult with multiple experts for comparison purposes and make informed decisions. Click to see expert profiles.

Strategy advisers

Strategy Advisers

Get consultation or hands-on help from an experienced mobile strategy adviser on strategy design, development and execution. We aim to match the expertise, experience, and skill set according to each user.

Mobile advertising agencies

Mobile Advertising Agencies

Get help from a "mobile-first" advertising agency experienced in developing, launching and managing mobile ad campaigns.

Technology developers

Technology Developers

Get the help of expert technology programmers and companies specializing in the design and development of professional mobile websites, smartphone applications, and other technology.

Analytics experts

Analytics Experts

Get help from analytics specialists providing consultation and services on implementation and set-up of website and app analytics for improving performance.

Case Studies

1-800-Flowers' Mobile Website Redesign Increases Performance
1-800-Flowers' Mobile Website Redesign Increases Performance

1-800 Flowers' mobile website redesign increased user time on site by 25%, created a better user sho...

Pulsnet's Responsive Web Design Doubles Traffic and Increases Sales
Pulsnet's Responsive Web Design Doubles Traffic and Increases Sales

Pulsnet's responsive website led to increased traffic, conversion rate, performance, page views, tim...

George at Asda: Mobile Conversions Outperform Desktop for the First Time
George at Asda: Mobile Conversions Outperform Desktop for the First Time

​With an improved mobile website in place, the George team used Google AdWords to drive smartphone t...

Wendy's Nutrition Mobile App Gets Over 225,000 Downloads Within Months Time
Wendy's Nutrition Mobile App Gets Over 225,000 Downloads Within Months Time

Wendy's mobile app drove huge sales after hundreds of thousands of downloads, allowing users to find...

Stats and Trends

Attitudes Towards Digital Video Ads in 2015
Attitudes Towards Digital Video Ads in 2015

See attitudes of video ads among mobile users as of 2015. Despite their popularity, there are still...

Mobile Shopping (mCommerce)  Statistics 2013-2014
Mobile Shopping (mCommerce) Statistics 2013-2014

In June of 2013, 55% of all online shopping took place on a mobile device. A September 2014 report r...

App Analytics Market Share 2015
App Analytics Market Share 2015

While certain analytics platforms dominate the app market share, many developers are using multiple...

Most Commonly Analyzed Mobile Advertising Metrics
Most Commonly Analyzed Mobile Advertising Metrics

​Analytics play an incredibly important part in mobile marketing. Learn about the most commonly anal...

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