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Automated mobile messaging makes our customer communications a whole lot easier and more efficient. — Miguel Becerra, GoUSA Trucking
We benefit tremendously from the ability to deliver instant text communications to our network. — Tony Diaz, InvestNotic Real Estate
Our customer retention has greatly improved since we began sending out mobile text notifications. — Will Pirro, Auto Solutions Insurance

Easily set up & let message automation do the rest.

Spreadsheets Integration

Manage Data with Google Spreadsheets or via API System Integration

Easily manage and update your contacts and data from a Google spreadsheet, accessable from any device or integrate your current via API.
Automate Messages Feature

Configure Smart, Automated Messaging with Rules, Filters and Schedules.

Use custom data fields relevant to your business to send automatic messages triggered by time, date, events, actions behavior and more.
Appointment Reminder Text Message

Automatically Send Notifications, Follow Ups, Reminders, Solicitations & more.

Sit back and let mobile marketing deliver your messages efficiently and automatically, with 99%+ open rate.
Coupon Text Message

Set Up "Keywords" with Preconfigured Responses to Engage Customers

Use keywords to promote products, subsribe customers to lists, confirm appointments and many more useful strategies.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Retain more customers

Mobile marketing allows you to stay with your customers even after the purchase by sending smart messages to customers at every state of the cycle.

Increase sales

Smart messaging reminds, rewards and incentivizes customers for purchases and keep them coming back for more.

Reduce marketing time & effort

Configure your automated marketing campaign and let automation do the rest. No more having to send emails with low open rates.

You have our support

We need you to succeed first in order for us to be successful. We work closely with our customers to ensure success.

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